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Personal Trainer for Android 2.1 and up!

Personal Trainer is an application for mobile phones. It will work on phones with support for Java Micro Edition (J2ME). Your phone manufacturer's web site can tell you if this includes your phone.

Personal Trainer lets you save your workouts on your mobile phone, so you don't need to bring a pen and paper inside the gym. Also lets you save your body measurements, automatically compute your body fat and lean mass. Even compare your first and previous measurements to your last measurement so you can see how much you've progressed.

Personal Trainer also allows you to store exercise guides on you phone. What you need to do is download images or take pictures of yourself doing the exercise. Upload them to your phone and add them to your exercise list. I cannot do everything for you =)

Personal Trainer lets you backup your data and save it to your phone's memory card, then download it to your computer so you'll always have a copy incase you change your phone or lost it or whatsoever. Just install this application to your new phone and import your data.

I started on Personal Trainer in 2008 when I got tired of using a printed workout log. At first I just thought of looking for a free mobile phone application since I always have my phone with me. When I couldn't find any (found some but not FREE), I decided to make one for myself. When it worked on my phone, I then thought of sharing it, I uploaded to mobile9 and mobiles24 then soon after to sharejar and now, made its own home page.

Personal Trainer is designed in accordance to what I do, what I want and what I think would work for me, and so it does. In that case, Personal Trainer may or may not work for you. But who knows, what you've been looking or waiting for may possibly be on the next version. Personal Trainer is still a work in progress. I will always make updates whenever I find something useful and plug-able to this software.

You can now upload your database to for safe keeping.
All you have to do is to register and you will receive an email for your account activation.
After activating your account, just login and upload your database.
You can also download a copy of your data anytime, just log into your account and click "Download Data" on the navigation menu.
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Log your workouts using your mobile phone J2me midp.
Gym Body Building Workout Excersice Logs.
Patrick Henry M. Banaag.
Free JAR Download.
Free Mobile Application.

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