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KimwareThis tool still rocks when it comes to freeware workout log app, its a bit old but still has what you need for a great logging app for gym and home exercises.
Phone Model: MyPhone A818i
Midlet Version: 2.0.5
 Posted Apr 29 2013
GOVINDAFor gym (body excersies)
Phone Model: NOKIA C1-01
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Mar 25 2013
Phone Model: Samsung Wave 525
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Feb 15 2013
Phone Model: 5130
Midlet Version:
 Posted Oct 10 2012
Amit gm2 on
Phone Model: Nokia 5233
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Apr 30 2012
Phone Model: s8003
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Feb 26 2012
Kimwarethis toll really helps, it works fine on my Nokia X2-01, one thing that i would love it to have on the next version is Exercise for "Cardio" but thank you so much for this app it helps alot in workouts
Phone Model: Nokia X2-01
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Nov 29 2011
Karin kask Hi
Phone Model: Lg 900g
Midlet Version: 2.0.5
 Posted Aug 24 2011
Phone Model: N72
Midlet Version: 6.0.5
 Posted Jul 24 2011
KetanMy fitnesh
Phone Model: Nokia 5800XpressMusic
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Jun 19 2011
gajuvery good
Phone Model: 6600 nokia
Midlet Version: 6.0.5
 Posted Apr 23 2011
eiderI would like to get it
Phone Model: palm pixie plus
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Apr 22 2011
goolams Hoosain.
Phone Model: blackberry 8900
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Mar 18 2011
RishadThis is super
Phone Model: Nokia 5130
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Feb 11 2011
KsyedkashifNo comments
Phone Model: Nokia 5130
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Sep 9 2010
regina leisberghi tja goodevening!and best of 2010?.and thanks!.
Phone Model: Z610i
Midlet Version: 1.0.0
 Posted Jan 13 2010
UdayI WANT gymlogs plzz
Phone Model: N72
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Dec 28 2009
Phone Model: 5310
Midlet Version: 2.0.5
 Posted Jul 23 2009
Santos OrtizI have no tested the software, but I will do it. If it works maybe people registered could share some workout images.
Phone Model: Motorola W510
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Jul 8 2009
joeI think this is a great software with all the improvments, it very kind to give this software free. God bless you
Phone Model: Nokia E51
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Jul 7 2009
MiroslavIs a good Application
Phone Model: Sony Ericsson W350i
Midlet Version: 6.1.5
 Posted Jul 7 2009
Phone Model: k850i
Midlet Version: 2.9.8
 Posted Apr 18 2009
Manoel Cardosotanks for your work... fine
Phone Model: nokia 6265
Midlet Version: 0.2
 Posted Apr 12 2009
QuicoNo lo he probado, cuando lo haga, hare un comentario. Saludos
(I have not tried it, when I do, I will comment. Greetings)
 Posted Mar 28 2009
localhostWorking on N81
Phone Model: N81
Midlet Version: 6.5.5
 Posted Feb 27 2009
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